Ebony Smith

First things first

Ebony has a keen interest in the best that the classical world has to offer: music, architecture, fine art, literature, language, the performing arts… and of course, the ancient approach towards paideia (παιδεία). She is very thankful to now have the opportunity to be involved in a school that puts first things first, loving the good, the true and the beautiful.

Classics Scholar

Earning a Bachelor’s degree with a double major in Classics & Ancient History, and French.

As part of these studies she lived in France studying history in Lyon, or Lugdunum, as it was known once. (founded in 43 BC by Lucius Munatius Plancus).

Over the last few years, Ebony has been involved in teaching through various means and methods. She has taught French and piano privately, and taught relief in several different primary schools around Perth.

helping others plumb the depths of truth, enjoy the thrill of discovery, to experience the magnitude of awe and wonder in God and his creation.

Studying her degree and Masters of Teaching, has given Ebony an informed vigour -  She sees so much potential for students to benefit from a classical education. Knowing that it grows in people a love for life long learning and an appreciation of ancient wisdom for contemporary times.

Loved by students

Ebony's warm and encouraging spirit allows students to quickly develop trust and rapport with her, enabling a culture of learning and curiosity to be fostered.

Students will love learning with Ebony - her attentive and empathetic approach builds a great classroom atmosphere.

The Classical School is blessed to have Ebony on our team!