Nirel Bent

Early Learning Specialist

Nirel has a passion for children understanding and loving God & His world. She has had several years experience as an ELC teacher, including most recently with the Swan Christian Education Association.

Experienced Children's Church Leader

Nirel is dedicated to excellence in her work with children, developing in them curiosity and love for learning and play.

In recent years Nirel has directed the Children's ministry at her local church Eastern Districts Alliance Church, which has over 40 children attend every Sunday. She developed a team of volunteers to creatively and lovingly bring God's word to children each week.

Mother of Three

As the Mother of three children, Nirel understands the developmental needs of children and their inbuilt passion to learn if given the right boundaries, resources and loving encouragement. Nirel's Christian faith, heart for children and organisational strengths will be a great addition to The Classical School's team.

Jerusalem to Western Australia

Nirel grew up in Jerusalem, speaking Hebrew. Her lived understanding the practices of the ancient world has inspired the richness of her teaching practice.

Nirel will bring a sense of Joy and enthusiasm to our school and a good sense of peaceful order and classroom discipline. Children naturally warm to Nirel and flourish under her encouraging tutoring.