A K-6 school alternative offering a Christian Liberal Arts education. Training children in the way they should go.
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Leaving mainstream schooling...

There are many good reasons to leave mainstream schooling. Concerns about the wasted time, behavioural issues or lack of Biblical perspective are the leading reasons parents give for looking for an alternative.

Have you ever desired to teach your own children at home, but didn't have the time or capacity? Worried that your kids wont have a social life if they homeschool?

The Classical School exists to serve Christian parents raise their children Biblically. We are a school alternative operating a three-day-a-week model.

3 days only?

With smaller classes, dedicated tutors, likeminded children from Christian families and a rigorous, academically rewarding program - we can achieve a lot in only three days.

We believe we can meet and exceed the learning that takes place in a typical school.

Three days also means a slower, gentler and more relaxed pace of life for your children. It could mean more connection to family, community and activities that matter for you. Three-days-a-week gives you the lion's share of time.

What do you mean by Classical?

1. Ancient Greek & Roman civilisation and Language learning.

2. The original form of  Western education, that has stood the test of time. Based on imitation, socratic dialogue, Biblical instruction and wisdom from the ancients.

3. Passing on the best that has been thought and said in the world. Stewarding  the good, the true & the beautiful.

4. The seven Liberal Arts
i. Grammar
ii Logic
III Rhetoric
iv Arithmetic
v Geometry
vi Music
vii Astronomy


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